Racing Beat Exhaust Mazda Protege5

Racing Beat Exhaust Mazda Protege5
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Racing Beat offers our Power Pulse "cat-back" exhaust system for the 2002-03 Protege 5. This exhaust system is manufactured using 304-stainless steel tubing, flanges, internal components and muffler canister for superior durability and appearance.

Pre-polished 304 stainless steel has been utilized in the construction of the muffler canister which features a straight-through design for maximum exhaust gas flow and performance. Unlike Mazda's original 2001 Protege MP3 exhaust, which was equipped with only an upgraded muffler, this complete Racing Beat system also includes a larger diameter connecting pipe and S-pipe. Improved exhaust gas flow is achieved through the use of 60mm OD (2.375") stainless steel tubing used in the S-pipe, connecting-pipe and muffler sections. Each system is finished with a fully polished 304-stainless steel tip.

Each system comes complete with all mounting hardware and gaskets. Designed as a bolt-on system, installation can be completed by using only basic hand tools. These exhaust systems are emissions compliant and comply with sound level requirements for the state of California.

The exhaust note of this complete system provides a deep, throaty tone without any harsh or buzzy sounds. Designed to be slightly louder than the stock system, the Racing Beat exhaust adds just enough growl to the exhaust tone under full-throttle acceleration.

As quoted by Racing Beat's long time employee Jim Langer, "I've installed this exact system on my son's Protege 5 and we both love the sound. Our engineering guys really nailed this system! From inside the car you hear a very deep, modest exhaust tone, and upon acceleration the sound is slightly louder but it retains that deep, throaty sound - never harsh or buzzy. I've assisted with the development of many of our Racing Beat systems, and I must admit that this is one of my all-time favorites."

Dyno testing of the Racing Beat cat-back exhaust system showed a peak HP gain of up to 4.7 HP @ 5700 RPM.

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